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Yoga for Kids
A yogi will never stop breathing, will never stop practicing, and will never stop sharing life with all the energies of this beautiful Universe.

Yoga means union - union of mind, body and spirit. Nobody knows the real date when yoga was created, it happened thousands of years ago. The basic hatha asanas (yoga poses) were taught to purify and train the body for the practice of meditation. In our busy world we teach asanas and focus less on meditation. In my classes I combine asana with meditation, and painting. Usually children are closer to angels than grown-up so it is easier for them to access the beautiful space in their hearts that connects to their material life.

Hapy Yoga FamilyYoga with children is always a journey of joy, love and games. There is no other joy than to listen them talking about their dreams and how they will fulfill them. Yoga will help them focus more, grow beautifully and never forget the journey of their hearts.

Yoga helped me to face different types of challenges, physical pain, stressful situations, and trained my mind not just to find a problem but also to analyze it through meditation, and solve it. In any situation we are living, yoga will give a solution. It will not be exclusive but it will help you during your Journey.

Yoga taught me that our body is the representation of the Universe, and that the little world we are living in is in fact shared with all living beings. Every single drop of oxygen we take in was shared before by millions of others, going through a whole recycling process during what we call time.

We recognize that our state of awareness guides everything, including our health condition. Sometimes we need to step off the road and take a breath. The input of oxygen will clear our thought process. Imagine yourself walking a path full of difficulties, as you struggle stepping forward, just wishing to change something without knowing what. Just stop. Step off the path and breathe. After few breaths, and quiet mind, the world will look different. Your path might not even make sense anymore.

Yoga can set you free.This will be the beginning. A simple asana will help you focus. It will be a pleasant pain inside of your body, a reminder of some muscle that you may not have used for a while. You will create step by step a muscle of intelligence that will accompany you along the way.The little cells which are so important will have an awareness moment feeling the energy and will say "what a pleasant moment, let's create something beautiful". When the practice ends (the practice never ends) the body will feel energized and pleasantly relaxed. You will be able to smile, hug people around you, the sky will be blue, the light will be brighter, and all those things that mattered before will not matter anymore.

Yoga is a path, like any other path in life. If it is in your destiny, you will go through it. I wish you Bon Voyage my Friend, because yoga, like life, is magical!

May you have Peace in your Heart…May you always have Light on your Path…May you always Love… – Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

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"I like yoga because it is fun and I am making friends. My favorite poses are Cat, the Little Eagle and Tree. Lili helped me understand how important reading is and the Curious George book changed my life."

Almaz, 8 years old



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Yoga for Kids


Yoga for Kids


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